The Margin Monster Is Sleeping

That is what the trader is hearing from his sources -- and why he is committing more capital.
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Margin clerks may be able to sit on their hands today. There are many players already sold out and I am not hearing from my sources that there is more selling coming. We are disappointed in the action in listed tech, but we are not that fearful that we will have another whoosh down at the end of the day.

When the


touched the 3700 level we committed another 10% of our cash. We want to be in. We are buying retailers -- look at this

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! -- and we are doing another round of semiconductor buying.

And we are trying to get our arms around the brokers -- dicey but they seem poised for an up move.

We are covering some shorts.


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, for instance, doesn't want to go down, so we are bringing that one in. And we don't want to be short any high-octane tech down here. But that doesn't make us want to be long it!

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