Holy cow, this 30-year bond trades like a small-cap with a sqeeze. It trades like one of those $&^&^# stocks like Andrea Electronics (AND) or Entremed (ENMD) or ZZZZZ Best before the big breakup. It has had a gigantic move in the time that I wrote this missive.

I had been saying that the

Long Term Capital

fiasco played a role in this, as my cab driver today knew that Long Term was short the 30-year, but the pain this consortium must be taking today will definitely hurt the brokerage houses' numbers.

Again, I repeat, if you are not familiar with the relation of the 30-year and the market, I urge you to go into the

piece from the weekend. In the meantime, remember, the government's not going to print any more 30-years any time soon, and it seems like the whole Street is short this bond.



fiddling; Street's burnin'.

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