The Load Gets Lighter

The anticipated selloff could be more benign than typical overbought selloffs, Cramer says.
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Get me that silver lining -- pronto!

Yep, you have to remember that the


is loathe to tighten when there is international tension of an important ally, especially because we almost took Mexico apart in 1994.

That could cause the selloff to be more benign than typical overbought selloffs. You can't have a very nasty selloff without fears that the Fed is your enemy. The territory is just too peaceful. Except for the usual suspects --






and the banks, which have great experience in Latin American turmoil but get sold down nonetheless.

For me, the quandary is Net strength. The market seems to like's

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extension and is gratified by


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e-commerce rap (which will be reiterated tonight at a big meeting). I know the Net likes good bonds.

But it abhors supply, and there is still a ton of it.

All I can say as someone who has been carrying this



on my back like a big steamer trunk is, Whew, the load got a little lighter -- at least for the moment.

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