The Latest Temptation of Cramer

Although Cramer feels Xilinx is a high-quality stock, he is saying 'no thanks.' He doesn't need the aggravation.
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sure is tempting. Down 6. High-quality stock. It's been going down ever since they whispered about Y2K -- which I am sure is no different from anybody else's Y2K problems. Even the chart. (Ugh, the chart, he's talking about the chart -- lookout!) Says if it holds here you have to buy it.

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And I am saying "no thanks." It is the end of the year. Who feels like risking a new position such as Xilinx right here? Who wants to defend it to anybody else if it keeps going lower? Why not just wait till next year?

And so Xilinx stays unbought other than as a paper trade. You see, at the end of the year, this hiatus in buying affects all managers nursing good years. It is part of the equation. Let the guys who are underperforming the averages venture to catch the Xilinx knife.

I don't need the aggravation. It doesn't get more candid than that!

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