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This is the broadest rally I have ever seen! It includes every single stock that may play a role in the last mile of wire into your house. It encompasses many of the stocks that provide customer retention services and email for Web companies! It favors stocks that make dot-coms work faster and via wireless. And it blesses a handful of biotechs!

It is pretty humorous when you think about it. Anything in those spaces goes higher. Anything! But away from those groups, we might as well be in the Gobi Desert without a Global Positioner.

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Message Boards. We lose a group of stocks a day around here. Yesterday the market took apart the aerospace and defense stocks. Just annihilated them. Laid them to waste. The culprit? Some nasty

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. Litton? It's still alive and kicking?

Last week, the market demolished the personal care stocks. And the cyclical stocks! The chemicals and papers got totally trashed. Soaps and woods both on the new-low list!

The week before that, we wiped out many of the financials, many of which are being torn upside down by the inverted yield curve. These savings-and-loans are going penny-stock on us.

But ahh, that last dot-com mile with lots of bandwidth and a broadband strategy that pleases customers via optical and wireless solutions and Class Seven Switches -- and don't forget the biotech -- now that's what it is all about!

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