The Kohl's Truth

Cramer thought that the S&P 500, which includes Kohl's, would ramp today. They are both up. Enough said.
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So yesterday, I am doing some work on shorting


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, the regional, going-national shopping chain. I figure it hasn't rolled over the rest of them, and it is cruising for a bruising.

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I can't find out much, but in the end, if every retailer is having a tough time, it will be very tough for the hitherto unscathed players to stay healthy. But right before I put it on, I discuss it with

Jeff Berkowitz

, my partner.

Jeff pointed out that Kohl's is a member of the

S&P 500

. He said that if we got really good numbers -- something that really can't be gamed -- the market won't think, "Ooh, be careful, Kohl's." The market will revert to being a monolith.


futures and call buyers will come in and overrun your short. Then he asked me an important question every short-seller has to deal with: "Is there any data point that comes out tomorrow that will force people into selling Kohl's."

No, I said. And I agreed that we could see quite a ramp in the S&P 500 on good numbers.

Kohl's is up 4. Enough said.

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