They should be playing Fleetwood Mac'sRumours CD over at that Nasdaq center. With Dell (DELL) - Get Report, somebody's going to say something somewhere about some part of the business that may be somewhat squishy. Compaq (CPQ) ? Let me reiterate the reiteration of a dozen iterations of rumor: It may or may not blow up. Intel (INTC) - Get Report? The company will begin to issue a statement -- saying there is no statement -- everyday until the end of the quarter.


I Don't Want To Know the Reasons

why people keep rumouring tech down. But they are doing it. Today's catalysts included some nasty statements by

Ingram Micro


and some conference call after the close re:


(MSFT) - Get Report

. (The word is that the call will be about a product delay, and this was out even when the stock was up 2, so go figure.)

I am out of the sector except some telco-tech and the Net. This is not a new stance; in fact I feel like a broken CD talking about it. But this is still one more day where the medicine cabinet is better than the home office as a generator of ideas.

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