One out of three ain't bad for Gene Marcial this week. His Inside Wall Street column in Business Week pushes Schwab (SCH) , which I think is a great way to play the continued bull market. It won't pop much on this column; it's now a big-cap, but I would stay with it if I owned it.

I am not certain about another of his picks,

Ibis Technology


. This stock has been nothing but up and is so extended technically that I have to believe you will lose money if you buy it today. I wouldn't touch this one and would wait for it to come down, which it probably will, a few days from now. It is just up too much.

His final stock pick is a windfall for holders,

United Retail Group


. This stock is a real dog, and I would use any bump this column generates this morning to get out of this stock so fast that you should never look back. Even Marcial's hook, some dubious dot-com being formed by this company, doesn't make sense to me. Here's your chance, beleaguered United Retail Group shareholders; don't screw it up. Blow out right into Geno!

I was red-hot

last week in my analysis of Gene's work. The call to blow out

Cornerstone Internet


was a home run. What a stinker! His prediction that

International Paper

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could bid higher for


(CHA) - Get Report

actually panned out for a great trade. Of course, International Paper didn't buy Champion. But it knocked down International Paper to where you could buy it at a good level. I suggested to sell


(SNA) - Get Report

into Marcial's tout. Wow, great one. Three for three.

Speaking of

Business Week

, they talk about the talking heads on Wall Street, drawing no real conclusions other than that


is all-powerful, which we know. Shockingly, I am quoted correctly in the article. Kudos to Marcia Vickers, the reporter! Then again, all she did was copy down what I said on the site. She's better at that than the interviewing/quotation game, as she was the reporter who had me accused of shorting


and bashing it on


-- something that was just plain


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