Look out, vintage Gene Marcial this week! Geno puts the rocket fuel behind a little $6 number,

Cornerstone Internet Solutions


. Expect this tout to fizzle by 9:50 a.m. and use Marcial's "insight" on this dormant nontech play as a fantastic opportunity to rid yourself of this NAZdog.

Elsewhere, he's got a suggestion to buy

Snap-on Tool

(SNA) - Get Report

. Where was this idea last week? This stock just scored a dramatic reversal as part of the revival of all of the out-of-favor names. I like this idea just enough to sell it into Marcial's cannon blast, and no more.

Finally, he goes arb on us and tells us that maybe

International Paper

(IP) - Get Report

will bid higher for


(CHA) - Get Report

than the current offer on the table. To which I say, I hope not! I am long International Paper and I don't need them to come in and overpay now!

Random musings:

TST Recommends

I watch

Holly Hegeman's

stuff. I have hated the airlines for the better part of a year but I couldn't agree more with her

piece last night suggesting to take a look at these companies. With


working to get oil prices lower and

US Airways

(U) - Get Report

about to go on strike, it looks like this business could be moving on up. ...


(BA) - Get Report

strike settlement will power the


still higher as it is primarily a drug and aerospace index with an infusion of finance and tech. ... Oh, and of course I'm wearing green, aren't you?

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