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The Hazards of an Early Rally

We're seeing some letup in velocity, but not enough.
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The first break in the velocity, so I make my first big buys of the day in the usual suspects. It would be reasonable to think that we stabilize for a while. But I can't go overboard. We are in that weird Friday mode, which means that we don't want the rally to start too early.

The hazards of an early Friday rally, one that starts at lunchtime, is that it leaves too much time for people to blow it out near the end of the day. That's a terrible situation for the bulls.

The tells continue to be just so-so.


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couldn't hold, and that's really bad. A bunch of big prints went on in





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, two highly watched stocks, and they didn't hold. That's also a bad sign. No institutional buying at all to speak of. At all.

So, all that has happened is that we have seen some letup on velocity.

Not enough.

In the meantime, the talking heads chatter about how the cyclicals are doing well. These guys are doing the bidding for the brokers, the guys who tell you to rotate into these stocks because the economy is strong.

Well, the economy has been strong for some time, so I don't buy it.

In sum, too early for a rally, but not a bad time to stick a bid in or two. That's how I am betting. Oh yeah, and I am selling the cyclicals to spite the people hyping them on TV.

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