The Goatee Vote Is In!

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By Justin Lahart
Staff Reporter

It looks like our esteemed co-chairman won't have to deal with the pain and trauma of razor burn.



poll on Jim Cramer's goatee came in with 66% in favor of the sinister, goateed look, while 34% would reach for their cans of


before letting JJC darken their door.

The poll -- of 361 votes -- elicited some interesting comments.

"Lose the beard," said one beard bear. "He looks like something that escaped from the set of

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


But, as Mark Haines relayed, a beard bull suggested that the clean-shaven Cramer looks like "one of the

Three Stooges

on speed." As opposed to something that escaped from

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

on speed.

Reporters at

, who, as journalists, value all points of view (It'll snow tomorrow, the


going to "correct" to 5000) and are dedicated to representing them without fear or favor, think that Jim should shave half the beard off.