Dan Niles for president.

Just passing on what someone said in my office during the carnage. Niles is the prescient analyst who upgraded


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morning. He may have stemmed this decline in its tracks.

We like to buy this kind of macro weakness. Our companies aren't affected by it. We believe that the mutual funds have to buy more

tech. We use this kind of dislocation to buy our favorites that are getting clocked. What does that mean? Well, we love



, so we buy a little Brocade down 17. We think

Texas Instrument

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is ultimately going higher, so we add to our position.

Of course, we couldn't add if we didn't know the fundamentals. You don't want to stumble into a



-- talk about a stock many told me to get long, ouch!! -- on the way to taking advantage of the real bargains out there.

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