The Fireworks Continue

Get in there and make money, Cramer says.
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Rules still apply. We are jettisoning small portions of the stocks that are up 12, 14 and 16 points, but we are not letting go of stocks that are up small and have great fundamentals. We can't let expiration dictate our every move.

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Message Boards. That said, please take note of the stocks that are blowing past the strikes (options strikes) and remember how much power -- raw, natural buying power -- it takes to do that.

These are strong stocks, and when you see some sort of pullback in them, you and I will be battling to take them right back up (with

Mister Softee

(MSFT) - Get Report

being the best example).

Now get back in there and make some money. On days like today, the index boys are handing it to us. Don't blow it!

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