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The Fed's Shell Game: Blog Watch

The Fed's "shell game", what may be iTunes 9 screen shots and a media feud gone wild.


Need a

Cash for Clunkers stock play not named


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? Look at this idea from The Disciplined Investor.

Todd Sullivan has been following this

holding company with Chinese exposure.

Oil ETF's do not track the future price of the commodity as our Don Dion quickly explains, the Downtowntrader says the

OIH chart

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is telling an interesting story.

The tug of war between

lending, inflation and reality; broken down over at SeekingAlpha.



loves to issue debt and then happily crows that there are lots of buyers lined up to keep buying the bonds, but the real buyers turn out to be primary dealers that in turn get bought out by the government 15 basis points higher. Chris Martenson calls it a shell game.

Here comes


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iTunes 9 BoyGeniusReport has the purported screen shots.

Not sure how you trade the


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pretend truce, but it is a classic case of

media navel-gazing with a healthy dose of mega-ego's thrown in.

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