The Fed Gets It Right Again

But Cramer says the hedge funds won't send the good ones down.
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You want to know something pathetic? I am praying for one of those hedge funds to start a raid based on something untrue, you know, something involving what the



intended to do. Some innuendo. Some rumor.

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Because they won't send the good ones down. You can buy all the


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you want. But you want some


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? The Fed will have to recommend shorting Verisign to get in. You want


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? I can sell you all you want. But


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? Let's just say, "Get in line!"

The bears must hate the Fed. It got it right again.

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: From

Matt "My Word Is the Only Bond I Will Ever Own" Jacobs

: "The best thing



ever did was strong us out on a split. As long as they don't do it, the stock can keep climbing in anticipation of one!!"

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