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The Fed Funds Rate, the Only Forecaster Worth Its Salt

The current data suggest there's a 68% chance of a 25-basis-point hike next month.
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The Violent Femmes and Fed Policy

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. -- And today we calculate the odds of a

November rate hike.


fed funds rate

currently sits at 5.25%.

Therefore, if the


decides to raise it to 5.50% at the conclusion of its meeting on the 16th, the funds rate would average 5.36% for the month of November.

12 days (do not include weekends) @ 5.25 = 63.

10 days @ 5.50 = 55.

63 + 55 = 118. 118/22 = 5.36%.

And note that that projected 5.36% funds rate stands 11 basis points above the current funds rate.


Current price of

November contract = 94.675.

Implied funds rate of November contract (100 - current price) = 5.325%.

Amount of tightening currently priced in (implied funds rate - target funds rate) = 5.325% - 5.25% = 7.5 basis points.


Seven-point-five basis points (amount of tightening currently priced in) divided by 11 basis points (amount of full tightening as explained above) equals 68% -- the fed funds futures market currently discounts a quarter-point November 16 hike to the tune of 68%.

In other words, if you were forced to bet on the outcome of next month's meeting today, you'd be wise to put money on a hike.

Two notes on the calculation presented here.

(a) It's easy to track by yourself.

Every day you can go and look where the November contract

settles and calculate an up-to-the minute tightening probability. The 11-basis-point denominator remains the same -- only the numerator changes with movements in the funds contract -- and anything above 50% points to a hike.

(b) It's frightfully accurate.

Jim Bianco of

Bianco Research notes that this calculation, when using the price at which the futures contract settles on the Friday before a Fed meeting, has correctly predicted central-bank action for 39 of the 46 FOMC powwows back to January 1994.

Stop all the clocks; prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone; ignore the economists; pay no mind to the strategists.

Heed fed funds futures, for they are the keenest forecasters around.

Side Dish

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And hey.

Thanks for all the kind notes yesterday.

And I guess I need to say this one more time.

I draw on economic relationships past and economic numbers present to make reasonable guesses as to economic likelihoods future.

Why anyone expects every one of those guesses to be right -- and why anyone is shocked when some of them aren't -- is beyond me.

Yes. I am extremely critical of some other guesses -- because those guesses almost always fail the common sense test (and usually fail any of a number of others) -- and I tell you precisely why. And yes. I am most forceful about my guesses -- because there are already enough rah-rah, say-nothing, hem-hawing, on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand sissy-salesman economists to go around.

You will get an opinion when you come here.

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But hey. I swear I

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predicting certain things. I

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concede that there isn't anything terribly special going on here. I

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I mean cmon already. It ain't like yall ain't been warned.

The readers who get the most out of this column take what I report about economic relationships past and economic numbers present and use them to come to their own conclusions about economic likelihoods future -- likelihoods future that might or might not agree with mine.



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