The euro to the rescue? Now, that's an unlikely place to look for relief. It's up significantly since last week. There have been so many people betting against the euro and against companies that get paid in euros -- notably the techs, drugs and the foods -- that these stocks have gotten hurt because of the weakness. Even just last weekend Alan Abelson highlighted the problems of a weakened euro in Barron's.

The short-sellers prey on stuff like this, and you can bet that they will cover their shorts on these stocks if the euro stays strong for a few days. As you know, we are playing for singles at

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. The possibility of a little rally based on euro strength (witness the rally to north of 50 in


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this morning off the currency alone) seems worth pursuing. We will go after precisely the stocks that the shorts are targeting. They seem like the best snap-back candidates.

(You can find that list in the stocks that Barron's suggests will get hit by the weak euro; they include some stocks we are already long, such as


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Philip Morris

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Sara Lee


-- plus, some stocks we are examining including

Noble Drilling

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Global Marine



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