The Enigmatic Amazon

Cramer wants your opinion on the online retailer. Will it blow away the shorts or will it sing its swan song? How will you invest accordingly? Post your thoughts on our message board.
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What's it going to be, Amazon (AMZN) - Get Report? Is it going to be smashing top-line but unhealthy losses? Is it going to be some new initiative that will blow away the shorts? Is it going to be the swan song, the last quarter when the charade of losses can be maintained without any criticism?

Amazon: Join the discussion on


message boards. Will this quarter be the quarter that


and company do a really funny skit on the call? Will it be like a radio drama, a kind of

War of the Worlds

between Amazon and everybody else? Will there be new business lines discussed?

Most important, when the smoke clears, will this 76 stock be north of 80 or south of 70? We have three hours to hash this out ahead of the close, and then another hour for the conference call.

Let's put our minds together on the boards and figure out whether we should get long or get short.

I am staying open-minded, and I have no position.


, be my guest -- join in. You've been hot lately. I am all eyes.

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