The mornings of these employment-report Fridays seem to last forever. You can see the clock tick. We sit and wait and we watch the futures trading blindly and think, who is making these bets on a number no one knows? Who would buy those lottery tickets?

The tension of these days becomes as palpable as the last time we played real sports. We are penned in, hemmed in and tense. We are worried and fretting. We are wondering whether we can digest the number faster and better than anyone else.

And most of all, we are stunned at just how unknowable the whole shooting match is.

Random musings:

Food fight nirvana?

USA Today

reports that



may want to make a friendly bid for


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. This is exactly what we, as owners of these stocks, want. That will force all of the rest of the stocks up as we ponder who


(UN) - Get Report

will buy if it doesn't get Bestfoods.

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