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Periodically, we can jointly figure out how to make some big money in the market. I think we have a chance right now to figure out one issue: DSL rollout. I am getting the sense that the regional Bell operating companies -- or at least SBC Communications (SBC) , a Dow stock -- are finally getting this business together and are rolling out DSL aggressively.

Of course, I can't tell from where I live. I am in

Bell Atlantic


hell, where -- if you want DSL -- you have to order a ton of expensive special equipment and fill out forms and questionnaires that, frankly, my wife and I (we are reasonably technologically savvy people) couldn't answer. As it is virtually impossible to get a Bell Atlantic person on the phone unless you are being strangled by a phone line, we gave up.

But anecdotally, I hear that DSL around the rest of the country is now on fire. Let's figure this out together. Please take the poll below, which will help us determine the answer.

When it comes to this issue, I:

Signed up for DSL with a regional Bell operating company.

Haven't been pitched for DSL and know nothing about it.

Was pitched DSL, but it was too expensive, unrealistic and a big joke.

Let me know your thoughts.

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