Ultimately, MicroStrategy (MSTR) - Get Report was a concept stock. Oh yeah, I know my verbs and how to conjugate "to be," so that's not a grammar/tense error.

I am stressing Mister

ad nausea

because concept stocks have been so loved by this market that when the one that has mesmerized people

takes a fall, the lesser concepts, whether they are in biotech or telco or artificial intelligence or the Net, really get whacked.

What's a concept stock? Something that has a huge market-cap-to-revenue ratio. Those are the stocks that are going to continue to get crushed today, even as Mister tries to head in for a landing, thereby preserving 90 points, give or take a few.

That's where the worries will remain, even though we are now becoming convinced that MicroStrategy is the outlier.

Last week, we had a shock to the


that was based on the notion that these stocks, even if everything worked out, were richly valued. Now with Mister, we find out that things aren't going to work out.

That's jarring, to say the least.

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