"Full up! Slam the door. Nail the windows. We don't want any more B2B!!"

Oh don't mind that screaming man. That's just the collective voice of portfolio managers as


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, the old


, has to cancel its common stock offering and cut back its convert.

Remember last week when I said the market has had enough of these deals?


Ben Holmes

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saying that this is the sickest looking group of secondaries he has seen in some time?

Now we are paying the price of the deals that are being foisted on the market, and we are seeing the dark side of the B2B moon.

Ventro, nee Chemdex, never interested us. Matt "B2F" Jacobs always thought the tiny gross-margin story here would eventually catch up to the stock.

It sure did -- just when the company wanted the money. Now the window is shut, and there are a lot of insiders at a lot of different companies who are hoping that we are not seeing a replay of that excellent last scene in

Blood Simple

, the one where M. Emmet Walsh gets his fingers caught.

Remind me to rent that one again this weekend. And to send the venture capitalists a copy for a little

cinema verite


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