The Daily Chartist: Tech Rally Means Trouble for Other Sectors

The Chartist looks at Johnson & Johnson to show why a tech rally means more tears for the rest of the market.
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May 25, 2000

Well, that was certainly a better reversal than we saw on Monday. At least yesterday's 200 point rally (intraday) on the

Nasdaq Composite Index

showed the ratio of upside to downside volume as a positive. No, it wasn't great, but the relationship was positive, and that's more than we were able to say a few days ago.

The tech rally can continue, although I am still skeptical that it will make much progress. Many of the charts say rallies will bring out sellers, as layers of resistance exist all the way back up. And if tech is going to have a reprieve on the upside, then it's likely most of the other groups that have been acting well will fall out of favor.

Technology stocks are not leaders. These stocks act alone. They do not drag other groups higher along with them, instead they pull away from the crowd and move to the beat of their own drummer. So if the pressure is off of tech for the time being, then there is bound to be pressure on other sectors, such as drugs, foods and financials.

Just look at the chart of

Johnson & Johnson

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. This stock has so much resistance at 90 that I cannot imagine it's going to keep chugging along. It needs to back off from this heavy resistance.

And the folks who have been buying that stock will move elsewhere, making the market one big group rotation, continuing to make very little progress as a whole.

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