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Feb. 9, 2000

Now I know all the action these days is in technology and biotechnology, and it's asking for trouble when you find a stock that is outside those two groups. But since it's not as easy for me to find bases in those groups anymore, I've been searching elsewhere.

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Message Boards. There is base-building going on in the chart of



(which used to be called


). For nearly a year, this stock has rocked back and forth; it even eked out a new high late in 1999 before giving it up again. Yet it continues to make higher highs and higher lows, which is all part of base-building. Of course, we can't expect it to have the sort of move that a technology stock would, but maybe some folks would prefer a calmer stock like Target.

An astute reader found another chart that caught my eye:

Windmere-Durable Holdings


-- you know, the folks who make hair dryers and toasters. That chart has just broken out of a seven-month base, which gives us a projected target in the mid-20s. Before you say, "Big deal, the mid-20s," I'd like to point out that if the stock were at 185 with a target of 250, it wouldn't be any different in terms of percentage gain.

Overbought/Oversold Oscillator

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