The Daily Chartist: It's Still Ugly Out There

The Chartist points to new lows and suspects that whatever rallies result from overeager buying will meet resistance.
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Oct. 14, 1999

The statistics say it's still ugly out there. And the worst part about it is that the selling is not climactic. In fact, I even heard the folks at


telling us last night how so many of the people they talk to were buying into the decline! That tells us where sentiment is, and it is not in the right place for a decent bottom.

The new lows have expanded to a great degree, and that is not a positive. Add to that the fact that neither the


nor the


is oversold yet. I suspect there are itchy fingers out there just waiting to buy so we may rally (heck, we've been down hard two days in a row!) but I continue to believe rallies will meet resistance. I prefer to wait for a real bottom before diving in.

New Highs and New Lows

Overbought/Oversold Oscillator

Cumulative Advance/Decline Line

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