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Helene Meisler updates her four market indicators.
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April 26

With the market currently in an overbought position, the upside will become much more of a struggle for a while. The


has rallied over 10% in four trading days. Wouldn't you need a rest if you ran up a flight of stairs that fast? I know I'd need to catch my breath before pushing forward again.

A breather at this point would be considered healthy; it would be a way for the market to have a rest and gather its strength so it can resume its climb. If it keeps climbing those stairs this fast, it will become exhausted and more vulnerable. A market that paces itself is much healthier than one that runs out of steam. I continue to believe this market needs a rest and that a correction will set in sometime over the next couple of weeks.

New Highs and New Lows

Overbought/Oversold Oscillator

Cumulative Advance/Decline Line

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