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The secret at Limited Brands, keeping up with Buffett, and the old college try pays off.
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Great graphical look by Ticker Sense of the stocks with the most interesting

insider buying.

Shamrock gets

more active on


(IPAS) - Get Report

, according to 13D Tracker.

This is fascinating, but it would make me paranoid. Still, it's amazing what

business models

are out there.

WisdomTree has been getting a lot of buzz on their new ETFs and I'vebeen following the story closely (RealMoney's Roger Nusbaum

looked at them yesterday). NakedShorts looks at the addition of

Arthur Levitt to the team.

Fat Pitch asks if



is a

big fat pitch.

Value Discipline looks at all the

changes in Buffett's portfolio according to his latest filings.

Donaldson thinks

energy is the new Y2K

and gives three stock picks to exploit it.

Crossing Wall Street looks at the

impact of the yield curve on stock prices.

In the jealous category, Barry Diller pays $20 million plus for The reason I'm jealous is not because of the money, but because those guys have had the time of their lives putting that business together. That's very rare. just sold for $500,000. Now is

for sale. The domain business will never end. (Speaking of which, I'll be on CEO Bob Parson's radio show tonight at 10:10 p.m. EDT on Sirius channel 102, and tape delay on channel 171/XM.

Confused Capitalist offers yet another look at

why value stocks rule.

When will the


ever rise


10Q Detective asks if

Limited Brands



a secret.



has been all over the Internet. Apparently he was waiting for a computer game to load and was getting impatient. I just hope he never turns into a daytrader.