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What's disturbing is that within hours of visiting me and my wife, Stephen Dubner at Freakonomics wrote

this blog post


Now even

The New Yorker

is in the

Activist Track game


Diamonds could be


: a look at

Blue Nile



CXO Advisory examines Dow Theory guru

Richard Russell's

track record.

Blogging Stocks looks at

Time Warner's


upside surprise


Every pundit has its favorite moving average. Investor Geeks looks at the

most popular moving averages

in the blogosphere.

I've written bullishly on

Massey Energy

( MEE) in the past. Investment Ideas by Yaser Anwar has

a different take





another look


Burger King



and another


Stephen Colbert made live changes to Wikipedia on his show and

caused chaos

on the site.

I have a bet going that YouTube will get bought for over $1 billion. So

this article

is encouraging to me.

Can you guys

make a deal already

? I'm dying for content. I'll pay the extra dollar if you can get it done before my trip to China.



has happened to all of us.

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