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Guy Kawasaki has the

30 best countries

in the world to do business in. The U.S. is No. 3, and New Zealand is No. 1.

Professor Bainbridge has a post on why "Charting

and technical analysis

does NOT work


Investor geeks does a summary of Jim Cramer's chapter on "

Detecting Market Bottoms


Stock Market Beat


Rockwell Automation


(ROK) - Get Report


First Million at 33 gives a list of

high-yield dividend stocks

. I like his list, but I don't think investing in those will get you your first million by 33 (although perhaps it will let you keep it).

Econbrowser teaches

how to read the yield curve


Controlled Greed is a good place to read

the latest





Fascinating post of the day: Crossing Wall Street provides a graphical representation of

GDP revisions



grabs share

from MySpace, according to Micro Persusasion.

Ticker Sense looks at the

most overbought and oversold ETFs


GigaOm asks "Is

Time Warner



Frankenstein of online video


Talking Biz News ranks the

best business journalists

. Congrats to Marek Fuchs at mom-and-pop shop


for making No. 1.

My books have a hard time selling at their ridiculous (my opinion) price, but uber value investor Seth Klarman has

no problem

with this.

The best

milk commercial


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