The Cutting Room: What, Me, Nervous?

Senior writer Alex Berenson offers a glimpse into the preshow jitters in the green room.
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I wish I could tell you I was scared, but I wasn't.

I may have a face that's made for radio, but after my groundbreaking appearance on public-access television in Denver -- as well as a spot a couple of years ago on


, which reaches almost as many viewers -- I was calm, cool and collected going into my inaugural appearance on our

Fox News Channel


Except, of course, for some sweaty palms and a slightly queasy feeling. But that might just have been the chicken vindaloo I had for lunch -- and you can't see sweaty palms anyway, right?

Talk about "" on

Fox News Channel



Message Boards.

In any case, I'd like to thank show host

Brenda Buttner

and producer

Gary Schreier

for making my first time (on


) everything I hoped it would be. Though I was a little surprised when they told me that since I was being filmed from the waist up, I didn't have to wear any pants ...

But enough about me, folks. Let's move on to my heroes:










"Shucks, I'm just a guy from Brooklyn -- the way

Dave Kansas

is just a hick from Minnesota"


. (And don't forget the Buysider,

Jeff Bronchick


Maybe Jim was just especially agitated after a 270-point down day, but he sure freaked me out when I saw him in the green room by looking me straight in the eye and calling me "Deidre." This was a joke, but I didn't get it until it was almost too late. A sign of nerves? Of course not. I was simply ... concentrating.

While we proles waited in the green room for the taping to start, we watched Cramer being interviewed on another


show. Doesn't that guy ever get enough press?

Sorry. Dumb question. In any case, Cramer said he would stick to bonds, not stocks as long as the market remained sour, a comment that caused snorts of laughter in the green room.

Greenberg: "How long do you think that'll last?"

Colarusso: "'Til about 10:30 a.m. Monday."

Then the great man came back from his interview, and much discussion of shirt colors followed. All of us were dressed reasonably snappily, if I do say so myself, and no one was wearing a plain white shirt, the Kansas specialty. In fact, Dave is famous among


old-timers for his fondness for moth-eaten sweaters and other comfort clothes, but since the IPO, he has upgraded his wardrobe.

Cramer: "Dave's really stepped up to

Century 21

a discount department store in New York ... He's not buying from the guys with the streetcarts anymore."

With this much talent in one place, maybe it's not surprising that nobody noticed boxing promoter

Rock Newman

, the


regular, who was also waiting in the green room for a taping. While we chattered about P/E ratios and the


, Rock sat quietly on the couch until I asked him whether there were any young heavyweights to watch out for. It wasn't 'til later that I realized my mistake -- I should have asked him where the market was going.

Meanwhile, Bronchick had the best idea I've ever heard for a new show segment -- "Arm-wrestle the money manager." With Newman promoting, we'd double our ratings. And frankly, I think Jim could use the chance to vent.

Then it was time for the show. I wish someone who watched would tell me how it went. I can't remember a thing. I was too nervous. I mean focused.