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Finally, finally, finally! After months of dropping hints and flat-out begging for a slot on's

television show, I finally got my chance this week.


Adam Lashinsky

wasn't available for this week's show and, when asked, I jumped at the chance to sit in for him. Of course, I played it off to the show's producer,

Gary Schreier

. I wouldn't want to spoil the carefully crafted illusion that the responsibilities of my job are a huge drag!

Because I'm based in Boulder, Colo., a

Fox News

bureau studio in nearby Denver was commandeered for the segment.

Mike Falbo

, my cohort at

, and I threw on a couple of neckties and some polishable shoes and headed down to


late on Friday for the taping.

Now, I've done TV before and generally it's a fun break from my normal routine. The best part of doing television, of course, is watching it with my kids. My oldest son, Harrison, who is three, literally goes nuts when he sees me on the tube. This makes it all worthwhile, as my primary job is to entertain my boys.

The segments I was scheduled to do were Chartman with

Gary B. Smith

and the Predictions bit, which comes at the end of the show. Gary, who I had the pleasure of meeting last summer, is an absolute hoot. I've read him and watched him on the show enough times to know pretty well which buttons to push. No matter how much I tried, however, I couldn't throw him off his game. Gary's a pro, and his laugh is infectious.

Because this was a remote shot for me and the only monitor I had of the show was an ear bud microphone, I actually heard very little of what was going on. I did get to hear all of the comments and chatter during the Predictions section, though. What really amazed me about this segment was just how much fun


, Gary and


have doing this show. The feeling I walked away with was one of having sat together with a close group of people who truly enjoy each other's company and have a great time doing their jobs.

I haven't yet seen the show this morning -- it's still a little early in Colorado. But, right now the oatmeal is bubbling and the toast is getting brown and pretty soon my kids will be laughing, eating and spilling stuff. After this, we'll all sit on the sofa together and watch dad spar with the Chartman.

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