What's the bull case right now? Try this one on for size. The bonds need only to digest the supply that's coming on stream in order to go a little bit lower in yield (higher in price.) At the same time, we should see a bit of a cooling off in the economy courtesy of the tap-out of tax returns. A combination of lower interest rates and a cooler economy could drive people back to interest-rate-sensitive stocks and the drugs.

So what am I doing? I am socking in some drug stocks that don't have problems with fundamentals (meaning I am avoiding the ones that are down today), and I continue to buy the banks, some of which have sold off dramatically in the wake of the lukewarm reaction to the




And am I rushing in to take advantage of the weakness in personal computer stocks? Nope. I can't warm up to companies that won't let me warm up to them, and when I call companies in this industry, they just aren't that bullish. I would much rather be in companies that got whacked Friday with good fundamentals than in ones that are getting whacked today with questionable fundamentals. If I want tech, I take Net and telco tech, many of which are speaking at a


telco tech conference this week. I don't need the house of pain that computer tech is delivering right now. That's for the masochists.

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