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The Coming Week on <I>TSC</I>

The bull is fighting back, and we're tracking all the news. Plus, more on the upcoming launch of
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Was last week for real? Early in the week it felt less real. Volume thin, the regular names heading higher. But on Friday, all of the pessimists started to wonder if their bearish leanings were perhaps premature. Favorable economic news and a heavy-volume session that spread from the big names deeper into the market.

This market remains bruised. But the bull, bandaged and patched, is now gamely fighting back in what had become a one-way conversation. The economic news will continue to be important, and we'll watch that very carefully, trying to anticipate how tight or loose the

Federal Reserve

has its finger on the trigger. The coming five days will determine, more likely than not, if we're in for a nice Summer Rally or simply getting another dose of the massive volatility that has become the only sure thing. We'll be tracking it carefully.

With tech stocks perking up last week, this week's

Streetside Chat with

Robert Streed

of the


Northern Select Equity Fund is an excellent read. Check it out to see where some of the smart money is deploying its assets as we head into the summer months. Also, take a look at our personal finance Saturday package. Everything from stock screens to a novel twist on the old wedding registry idea. There's some good ideas there, too.

I want to remind everyone that

our launch of's

, as well as the establishment of

as a free site, is coming later this month.

will become home to our subscribers, with additional access to columnists and new features. The price rises to $200 per year, though existing subscribers are grandfathered in at the current rate. Moreover, you can lock in your current rate by pre-renewing. Contact our customer service staff at In the days and weeks ahead we'll provide more details about how the sites will change in the new format. We know that change can be unsettling, so we'll be doing everything we can to make this transition a smooth one.

Later this month we're also hosting a conference in New York. On June 28, we'll hold a seminar aimed at giving you the kind of information you require to make smarter investment decisions in a turbulent market. Participants will include

Gary B. Smith


Herb Greenberg

. We encourage you to attend. For details, check out This is the first of several such conferences, and we look forward to bringing one to a town near you before long!

I heard from many of you about our decision to cancel the


television show. I'll get back to each of you who has written me on the subject, but it may take a little time. Your enthusiasm for our program is exciting to hear, and we're looking forward to finding new ways for you to experience our staff in video form. Thanks again for all the notes.

Finally, if you've got any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email our customer support staff at, or you can always email me at We'll make sure your issues get handled.

Get ready for another exciting week on

. We'll be digging for you.

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