The Fed is deep into its march of raising rates, and the stock market is finding it tougher and tougher to ignore the medicine. Friday's action reflected a kind of aching negativity that has the bulls starting to wonder more deeply about the future.

With rates at the forefront, investors are hunting for more information than ever about the economy.

Elizabeth Stanton

, our chief bond correspondent, spends her time studying the action in the fixed-income market, the prime hunting ground for clues about the economy's strength. Look for her work every day as she scours the trading floors for important details that will help you better understand what's happening in the economy right now. For those seeking more direct information, I urge you to check out

Ian McDonald's

analysis of Bill Miller's portfolios. The

Legg Mason

money manager has a great track record, and he's steadily moving away from technology and into Old Economy stocks.

The transatlantic traffic has become more intense of late.






are in the news (

check out

George Mannes'

excellent analysis of that deal), and there's strong focus on wireless provider


, which is being

followed by

Tally Goldstein

. Along with our cousins at, we're digging around for the kind of transatlantic information that can help guide your investing. We believe more cross-water action is in the cards, and we'll be there to guide you through it.

For some perspective, check out

Brett Fromson's


What a Week. Brett has done an excellent job writing analytical pieces about the market, bringing readers into the brains of some of the smartest money managers out there. His columns, which appear in the Markets section, always provide excellent insight and investment themes.

Brett also interviewed

Morgan Stanley

U.S. investment strategist

Byron Wien

for this week's

Streetside Chat. Brett and Byron look back at Byron's "10 Surprises of 2000" and analyze what's ahead. The Morgan Stanley chin-scratcher sees too much complacency and potentially more trouble ahead. I urge you to check out the interview for some added insight into what's happening in our increasingly turbulent markets.

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Get ready for another exciting week of investing. We'll be there for you.

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