As we grind toward May 16 and the anticipated Federal Reserve interest-rate increase, the markets are likely to become even more fidgety. Many economists now expect a 50-basis-point move, and practitioners of the Dismal Science are divided on how much more tightening is in store.

As our economist,

James Padinha

, has consistently

pointed out, growth remains very strong. Inflationary pressure is not lessening and concerns about imbalances in the economy are only growing. And the Fed doesn't like that.

On the bull side of the equation, some believe that the lagged impact of the Fed's work will start having an effect sooner rather than later -- supporting those who believe the Fed is about done with its work. Whatever the case, as

Justin Lahart

points out in

The Coming Week, the Fed will be the focus.

Sometimes they're surreal. But they're always instructive and entertaining. I am, of course, talking about

Buzz Gould

, a fictional portfolio manager at a go-go mutual fund, and his pal and head trader,


. These characters, creations of

James J. Cramer

, provide an interesting view of the market and the daily dynamics of trading. If you haven't yet read about

what they're up to, I encourage you to do so. Buzz, in particular, is quite a character.

Net stocks have provided both thrills and nightmares in the past several months. Right now, the going is decidedly tough.

Steve Harmon

, who is about to launch a fund focused on the Net sector, is our

Streetside Chat guest this week. I encourage you to read his comments about the sector.

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