rockets up, down and all around. Now it's back above 11,000, giving us a little optimism as we head toward the warmer weather of late spring.

Despite the Dow's recent rally, the gyrations of the


have only fed the angst on Wall Street. This bull market has had an amazing run, and more than a few professionals wonder just how long the good times can truly continue. As ever, we're focused on the latest twists and turns, hustling to decipher whether or not these movements portend horror or good times ahead. It's a very tense time, and we're more focused than ever on making sure that you have all the information you need to make wise investment decisions.

Among the most important investment decisions you'll make is choosing a broker. This week, we unveil the results of our enormous

Online Broker Survey 2000

, which many of you helped complete. We'll not only announce the winner, but we'll tell you which firms you call tops for the various services and features you say matter most.

And with tax day approaching, we'll continue to focus on issues of taxes and trading.

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, our in-house tax expert, is furiously at work writing stories that will help you better handle the pending appointment with the tax collector. If you have questions about taxes, feel free to email Tracy at

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