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This week, our markets team will again bring you the news from the front; plus, check out our international news columns.
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That was some week! If you didn't grasp the kinetic firepower of last week's trading, you need to check your pulse. The tenacious action, the wild swings, the enormous volume -- it was the combination of thrills and terror that leaves an investor breathless and dreaming of a quiet Saturday at home.

And, as always, we were with you every step of the way. Our markets team, spearheaded by

John J. Edwards


Patrick Fitzgibbons

, looked like beleaguered troops after a week of battle on Friday late. As you grapple for every precious morsel of information, our team of die-hard markets writers is sifting through the noise to help you better see and understand the market turns.

As we open the week, the questions only multiply. Is tech going to get back on the high road? Is the Old Economy now set to take charge once again? What will happen on the international scene as Asia digests the

election result in Taiwan? To find out about all this and more, I strongly recommend you read the Coming Week features on our site.

The Coming Week is Asia,

The Coming Week in Europe and

The Coming Week in the U.S. help set the stage, allowing you to frame all the wackiness that a week like this last one delivered. I find these features extraordinarily useful in getting geared up for what the next batch of trading days might have in store. Have a read, and let me know what you think of them at

What would a week in March be like without wondering about the NCAA basketball tournament? We've got the

scores for you on the site, along with the Major League Baseball, NBA and other action.

And the Tax Man cometh. If you need to know more about how to handle April 15, our tax reporter,

Tracy Byrnes

, along with tax pro

Ted Tesser

, will be participating in a chat about how to address tax issues related to trading and investing. It's on Wednesday, March 22 at 5 p.m. ET. It's free, but you need to register at

So, having recovered from our recent whipsawing week, get ready for more twists and turns in the week ahead. We'll be in there digging for you.

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