The markets are tense and volatile these days. The


flirts lower, then shoots higher. The


seems to know nothing about the downside. And all the gyrations have every investor scrambling for information that will help shed some light on what exactly is happening.

This week we'll dig around in Snowbird, a resort in Utah, looking for tidbits about the companies at the epicenter of the Nasdaq excitement. The schedule of presenting companies will be on the site and we'll have columnists and reporters sifting through the blarney to find the elemental truths that will help you make wiser decisions. Look for coverage from Snowbird throughout the week.

In addition, we'll be scrambling to uncover every twist and turn in the marketplace. Our joint venture news group, working in cooperation with the

New York Times

, does an excellent job of covering the latest breaking news and events. And our markets team, which has no match on or offline, will continue to decipher the latest strange happenings in the financial markets. We're watching closely so that you won't get surprised by any sudden, sharp turns.

Also, I 'd like to thank everyone who participated in our online broker survey. This survey, with more than 10,000 respondents, will provide you with the most in-depth overview of the brokerage industry you've ever seen, and will be driven by your feedback rather than that of self-proclaimed experts. We're crunching the numbers now and look forward to getting you the results soon.

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As ever, you can also email me with any other comments or concerns. I'll make sure your issues are addressed.

So get ready for another exciting week of investing. We'll be out there hustling for you!

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Dave Kansas


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