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In this year's final week of trading, <I>TSC</I> will keep you up to date on funds, stocks, forecasts and Y2K.
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One final week. Five more sessions and we hit the finish line, the final close for the year, the century and the millennium. And if the last few weeks are any indication, even these between-the-holidays sessions will bring some surprises.

Let's face it, this has been an unbelievable year. The


has soared, tech stocks are on fire and the sages can't quite fathom what's happening. It's either an investor revolution or a dream that could go horribly wrong -- or, perhaps, a combination of both. Whatever the case, more people than ever are fixated on the stock market, and more people than ever are fixated on year-end returns. As we've done throughout this month, we'll track the leading funds -- like the more than 80 that have turned in 100% gains this year. And we'll track the leading stocks, such as


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JDS Uniphase


. Stocks like these, only recently in the spotlight, have become overnight sensations.

This final week of trading is a time replete with lists, tables, predictions, forecasts and everything in between. The usual array of polls and surveys is accentuated by the closing of the century and the millennium. But that's not all that's different this year. We're also rolling up to the day of reckoning for the so-called Y2K computer bug.

What will happen? The nation is mostly calm -- at least the folks in the investing world are. Stocks have soared as more and more investors have decided that the Y2K bug thing won't be a big problem. Well, this week we'll find out. Starting in Asia (and early on Dec. 31 here in the U.S.), we'll find out if subway systems and electricity grids go haywire or simply do just fine. We'll be there, covering what happens as the clock moves around the globe. By the time the year 2000 reaches New York, we'll have a pretty good handle on what to expect. Should be a most interesting day.

Finally, in this time of holiday cheer, we at

wish all of you and yours the very best of the season. It's a great time of year -- go soak it all in.

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