The most exhilarating -- and confounding -- sector of the market is made up of the wacky stocks that leap and dive in increments of 10, 20 or 30 points on any given day. These are the so-called

Red Hots, and they conjure up images of Japan in the late 1980s or the rail stocks of the late 1800s. OK, so I can't really remember the rail-stocks era, but I think you get the meaning.

These stocks move, and some people watching simply stare and wonder. Others are deep in the mix, buying, selling and trying to figure out the next Red Hot move. At

, we've expanded our Community section to include individual ticker boards on the Red Hots.

James J. Cramer

, like a prowling linebacker, is moving in and out of these boards frequently, and the discussion is likely to liven up as we head forward into the coming week.

Consistent with our devotion to quality, we are seeking people interested in intelligent discourse on what is happening with these stocks. And that conversation can be found at the

Red Hot boards.

Finally, in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to thank our faithful readers. We recently celebrated our third anniversary as a publishing entity. A bunch of you have come on board in the past couple of years, and we are grateful for your support. But a special thanks also goes to that stalwart group that has stuck with us since the earlier rocky days. You can recall times when stories didn't get published for hours or when various techno glitches made the site disappear. But you stuck with us through those hurdles.

Looking back, we've had a remarkable three years. From scoffed-at idea to a substantial operation with reporters hustling for you around the globe. Though we've had stumbles, we have always remained devoted to a singular idea: A high-quality financial news and information product will find a faithful following. And we will keep striving to satisfy your high expectations.

Thanks for your support these past three years, and here's to 33 more (at least)!

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Dave Kansas