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Everybody's working for the weekend, including <I>TSC</I>. After checking out our weekend coverage, don't miss our series on Y2K investing issues.
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Weekends are a little different in the investing world. Markets, which used to be open on Saturday mornings, are dormant. Usually-intense weekday investors move at a different pace. And instead of acting on tidbits, the weekend is a time to ponder the previous week's events and recharge for

the coming week.

I know you've come to enjoy our weekday smorgasbord of columns, news and analysis. I encourage you to taste the weekend's mixture of information, entertainment and insight. The

TSC Weekender smartly wraps up what happened in the previous week with a witty summary of the three events that mattered most to the market. Moreover, weekend coverage includes clever takes on basic rules (why spell bank like banc?) and answers questions about



personal finance,

taxes and other items of interest.

Keeping with the educational theme, the weekend section includes a

James J. Cramer

rewrite of a particularly important column from the week before. The deeper explanation can help readers better understand the Wall Street lingo that Cramer favors when whipping off his diary-like items from his trading turret.

If you've got suggestions about how we can make our weekend coverage even better, please email

Jane Penner

at She'll be happy to hear from you!

The Y2K issue is creeping closer to D-Day. The topic has captured a lot of attention among investors, some betting that significant Y2K hype could produce some interesting trades. We're tackling the Y2K issue in a

series of stories that analyze not only the prospects of real Y2K problems, but also how investors should approach the Y2K issue. We'll have more in the weeks ahead as we tick down the remaining days before the calendar turns.

If you're curious about what's happening in the Internet investing space, David Readerman, the director of Internet strategy at

Thomas Weisel Partners

, is one of the best people to talk to. On Tuesday staff reporter

Spencer Ante

and Readerman will take your questions on a


chat. The chat starts at 5 p.m. EDT and it's free. You do need to

register before chatting, however.

Finally, if you've got any comments, questions or thoughts, please feel free to email me at I'll make sure your issues are dealt with promptly!

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