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The Coming Week on <I>TSC</I>

Check out <I>TSC's</I> new message boards. Plus, new times for '' on Fox and stories on Long Term Capital and Indonesia.
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We know that many of you enjoy reading

. And we know that many of you have strong opinions -- we see them in email throughout the day. We've always wanted to give readers a chance to get in a room and start talking about the issues that matter to them and we're now giving you that opportunity.

As some of you noticed, last week we launched message boards on

. We know that message boards have become a controversial topic in the investment world. Many of the boards are stuffed with touters, jokers and other people who make a conversation difficult. It's a bit like trying to have a smart talk while dodging the mayhem in Times Square. We're aiming to change that equation, creating an arena for folks to get down to some good, informative discussions about investing.

In the past week, we had lively debates about the life and death of telcos, the individual investor revolution and the departure of John Bogle from


. And this week we will have even more. Do you like what

Herb Greenberg

wrote? Hate it? Now you will have a venue in which to sound off, a place to make your feelings known. Moreover, it's a place where you and other


readers will get the opportunity to share ideas on important topics. Check it out at

We're very excited about the message boards idea. And we're counting on all of you to make the discussions meaningful and worthwhile. Check out the boards, weigh in on an issue and let us know how you think we can make this new feature better. If you've got ideas, email the boards folks at Or, of course, you can email me at

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TheStreet Recommends and I'll make sure that your ideas get into the decision-making mix.

The boards are just one piece of an expanding operation, all aimed at serving you. Our television program on

Fox News Channel

now is going to air three times per weekend. The new times are 10 a.m. EDT and 6 p.m. EDT Saturdays and 10 a.m. EDT on Sundays. Three times the helping, three times the fun. If you haven't seen the show, check out Herb,

James J. Cramer


Brenda Buttner

this coming weekend on Fox. And, of course, the show is always available on the

Fox Page on our site.

On the news front, we've got lots in store this week. A look into

Long-Term Capital

one year after it nearly toppled into the dustbin. Also, a look at Indonesia and the investment climate in the midst of the East Timor turmoil. And every weekend you should check out the various new offerings we're providing.

The Cutting Room, which gives a humorous look behind the scenes in televisionland, the ever-popular question and answer of the

Idiot Box and various other features aimed at making the weekend pass a little bit more smoothly.

Meantime, get ready for informative, irreverent fun on

! Any comments or questions, fire me an email at We're here to make sure you're getting the most out of what we offer.

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