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The Coming Week on <I>TSC</I>

It's going to be a hoppin' week, with key economic reports and continuing developments in after-hours trading. Our reporters are ready; are you?
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Any hour, we've got you covered.

That's the beauty of the Net. The dead trees are squirming, trying to figure out this after-hours trading phenomenon, trying to figure out how to get that information into the papers. But with the deadline siren starting to sound in the middle of a few trades of


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, it gets a little tricky.


our markets team is hustling to give you the latest skinny on the after-hours markets. Sure, volume is a little thin right now, but this is a new, unfolding world that we will watch very carefully. The markets team, led by

John J. Edwards III

and his army of market mavens, will continue to track the post-close markets, enabling you to know the latest about what's happening.

Also, we're tracking the corporate developments of the after-hours game.

Dan Colarusso


Caroline Humer

are doing an excellent job keeping you up-to-date on the fast-moving world of ECNs and online brokers. Dan's

scoop of the


deal was worth a bucket of subscriptions for those paying attention. And Caroline's

piece about ECNs holding talks about cooperation was another scoop for those paying attention to the brave new world of trading. Also, for a guide to the Night Life of trading, check out Caroline's updated

story on the subject.

Lots of chatter about after hours, but on Friday the real action will be in the pre-market. The big economic-report kahuna, the jobs data for August, will come out at 8:30 a.m. EDT, and the markets team will be on top of it, publishing the number promptly, followed by the usual incisive analysis. In the days leading up to the report, check out

James Padinha

, our economist, and the bond squad of

Dave Gaffen


Beth Roy

. They'll have you well prepped for the economic news.

So get ready for another exciting week on

. From the extending hours of trading to the nitty-gritty of the monthly

employment report

, we'll be there. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email

me. I'll make sure your issues are dealt with swiftly.

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Dave Kansas