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The Clairvoyant Sellers in Retail

The stocks have sold off and -- presto! -- today the numbers tell you why.
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Did these retailers ever signal these bad numbers? For days -- no, make that weeks -- we had people banging out the major retailers, off of what turns out to be a terrific call by Wayne Hood at


to scoot.

I took a stab at them yesterday, figuring they're so low now that, even if they report crummy numbers, they would not get clocked.


Crummy numbers, whether because of an Easter shift or a weather shift, are crummy numbers. Now I am in the bunker, averaging down on a couple of private retail hells.

My point? Sometimes the market is just brilliant and knows all. The sellers we saw in retail these last few weeks were clairvoyant. Stocks talk; I did not listen. The stocks were saying wait to see the numbers, but I ignored these sirens.

Now I have to pay in the form of averaging down or taking a loss. Gotta check in with my buddy



Random musings:

Bought more bonds at 92-20 for those following that


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