No one can dispute that the tone of the stock market has radically changed recently.

Remember those heady days just a few months ago when it seemed that a new major


benchmark was toppling every day? 3000. 4000. 5000. In the past year, they all fell.

So the old saying about being nice to everyone on the way up because you'll sure see those same people on the way down seems especially apt now. Many of last year's highest of flyers have been beaten mercilessly.

And while most market watchers were amazed at last year's wild frothiness, they seem equally amazed that this market correction has occurred so fast and has been so sharp.

So, we know what's happened. But what's yet to come? Is this a blip in a still strong market, or is it the beginning of a much more serious market change? Are we at the end of something, the middle of something or the start of something?

There's lots to consider and lots happening at once. For investors, market watchers or just people looking for a window into this market,


brings it all together for you. Stay tuned for more!

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