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Looking good, but don't want to lose my mind here. My discipline does not allow me to buy any more of anything. The sale is over, and unless they throw another one, maybe because

Jerry Favors

reads the road maps and takes us into some sort of retaining wall this afternoon, I am done buying for the day.

In fact, I let the buys incubate while we had a terrific visit from the folks from Tennessee: Woods and his son, E.W., who won the


contest. We shared Chinese and I learned the eternal value of optimism in the market and life from these two delightful people. They are devoted fans of


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and I felt very proud to be affiliated with both during our lunch.

Lots of times we get a Friday afternoon sell-off as people figure, heck, too hard to own them over the weekend, but to me the action looks benign. In the background, I am hearing

Maria Bartiromo

drone on about how "... the Internet Net stocks are down." Wrong! Today they are up. And I think they are trying to bottom. Can't go overboard in this group, too much underwriting pressure, but for a bounce, I can't think of a better place to be.

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