These broker stocks trade as if the underwritings that so many venture capitalists and entrepreneurs were banking on are done, just plain done. I look at

Goldman Sachs

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and I think --hmmm, nice proxy for the underwriting business -- and this stock is tanking, just tanking. Same with



. Just plain horrible. (Now,


is the weekend to shop for a Hamptons house!!)

It is funny, all of these strategists said over and over again that no bull market was ever killed by too much supply.

Until now.

It is supply that has us in such terrible throes. The supply of the last few months keeps coming up as if it were so much peptic acid or cesspool backup. One hundred points ago



did a secondary. Talk about a hot potato! How about that

Be Free


secondary priced a fortnight ago at $27? It is at 9. Remember that secondary of

Satyam Infoway

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in February at $80. It's now at 30.

That's horrible. That's much nastier than what I saw in '87. We are kidding ourselves if people think we are about to have a crash. For the holders of these pieces of merchandise

we have already had one


We haven't committed more capital since

the last piece.

Jeff Berkowitz

and I are debating

Todd-o Harrison

heatedly. Todd-o wants to do another round of buys, perhaps as much as $10 million worth. Jeff and I think that is just bottom-calling and we won't engage in it. We won't buy until we exceed the previous low.

If it hangs out here for another half-hour we probably compromise with an addition of $5 million.

It is too late to sell anything.

Random musings:

I just heard Jeff answer the phone, "Jeff's candy store, how can I help you?" Hmmm, maybe we are lower than I think!! (LOL)

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