The Bonds Are Our Shepherd

Now Cramer's just waiting for the programs to work their black magic and knock down his favorite tech stocks.
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Bonds don't like it. That means we don't like it. We are sheep to the bonds' shepherd, and we tend to follow orders. We were afraid that someone in the dollar/bond contingent wouldn't go for whatever the Fed threw at us, and that was spot on.

Now we wait for the programs to work their (evil) magic and knock down our fave tech stocks (can't buy the financials on this one) so we can pick up some. We tend not to like to buy stocks that aren't down; they aren't gifts. We are looking for stuff with catalysts, like



, which reports tomorrow evening. Or


(MSFT) - Get Report

below 90.

What we are not buying: oil service, banks, financials. What we are buying: semis, the Net.

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