The Bets Are Made

Cramer's trying to resist taking stock here.
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I have to summon every ounce of energy to not take stock here. I keep wanting to lift


(XLNX) - Get Report

, having already taken 10,000 shares. I want to stop



from going down by just standing there at 160. I want to put a floor in on

International Paper

(IP) - Get Report

ahead of the quarter.

Which means I do nothing. I have made my bets. It is a sleepy Friday. All I want to do is


force a trade out of boredom (IP) or desperation (Yahoo!).

This is one of those days (and I'm reminiscing here) where I would turn to my wife in our Bucks County gardening shed of an office and say, "It looks really great. Looks like it wants to run." And she would look at me and tell me to go get us some Big Macs and fries to stay out of trouble: "Because if it looks great to you, it looks great to everybody, so forget about it. Tell me something I don't know."

So, for the record, it looks great and I'm going for ices. Too old and too much exercise needed to work off a Big Mac at this point in my life.

Random musings:

Killing time with


. We thought we could open up a Web site and start charging for rumors like


(T) - Get Report

to buy



, or


(IBM) - Get Report

to merge with



, or


(DD) - Get Report

to buy



. If those don't move you, how about



to buy



, or Freddie and Sallie to marry? What the heck? All you have to do is say at the beginning, in small agate type, "The following is a total crock of &^@#." Value added.

OK, here's one: Lots of puts being bought ahead of what may be a negative


article about




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