Here we are staring at yet another giant week in IPOs. This one's even busier than the last, with 33 deals slated to price. Which brings me right to my point: Things are hopping and I get the distinct impression that the firms are literally shoveling the deals through the door to get them done before this market finally shuts down for a much-needed break. Which, as you might already know, is fine with me.

I'm not suggesting weakness in here, just fatigue and maybe a bit of overstimulation for buyers. Sure, everyone's getting nice and fat at the deal trough, but the market needs to step away from the feed and digest what we've been eating for the last nine months. There are just so many deals that have been done lately, it's become a little hard to see the landscape we've created for ourselves.

Still, the offerings this week look healthy enough, with lots of variety thrown into the mix. I like that: It gives me a chance to look at something other than Internet deals. Anyway, let's take a look at the week ahead:

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